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Winter is coming. Time to get cozy!

Posted by Walter Lyng on Nov 04, 2022

Winter is coming. Time to get cozy!

A pajama-centric guide to winter preparation

Unless you’re a ski enthusiast or a snowplow operator, we’re going to guess that winter isn’t your favorite season. But it’s inevitable - it’s right around the corner and there’s not enough room in Florida for all of us.

There’s plenty of preparations to be made in order to endure these months comfortably, and while having an awesome collection of cozy PJs is definitely a must, we’ve discovered that pajamas can also be incorporated into other preparatory activities. Because pajamas make everything fun!


Walking in a winter tire wonderland


Before you even start to sort things out around the house, you’ll need to get those winter tires on, and depending on where you live, that mandatory deadline date is probably looming. If you’re like us, you don’t have the means or the skills to change your own tires, so you’ll need to spend a good part of the day at the garage. 

The point is, if there’s any day to try the ol’ PJs Out In Public' look, this is it. The folks covered in grease and oil definitely won't judge you. If anything, you can compare your respective garment choices! At least you can be comfy and cozy while you have one of those dubious sandwiches from the mobile canteen that scares the life out of you when it pulls up outside and honks the novelty horn.


Let it fold, let it fold, let it fold

You’ll definitely want to put away the summer wardrobe to make room for all the sleep robes, onesies and lounge clothes you’ll be wearing exclusively until April or May, depending how things go.

You could put all those shorts, skirts and tank tops in storage or you could use those articles to stuff any kind of small spaces or cracks around your windows or in the attic as a substitute for weather stripping or temporary insulation. You probably won’t find this tip endorsed by any actual home improvement experts, but there’s only one way to find out if it actually works!


Baby there’s mold inside

Do you have an inground pool? No? Something to shoot for next year, then. If yes, however, you’ll need to get that sucker drained and covered before it’s freezing, but you might as well make it fun and throw one of those famous empty pool parties you see in movies that take place in the '70s.

And not just any party; a PAJAMA POOL PARTY! And once you’ve sorted out who’s bringing and tapping the keg, maybe you can get some of those big heat lamps for the occasion, as a late fall party in an empty pool might get a bit chilly. Don’t forget the ladder!


How frigid are thy branches

Don’t forget to rake those leaves and get all your outdoor plants ready for the winter that might otherwise get damaged by heavy snow and ice.

If you normally bind up the branches on your shrubs and small fruit trees, consider using old clothing or worn-out pajamas for this purpose. Again, we’re not sure if this will work, but what’s more fun than a Ficus in a fuzzy robe?


Winter weather = Frightful

Cozy PJs = Delightful

You can be ready for winter with just a bit of basic preparation and that starts with making sure there’s enough coziness to go around for the whole family. So, make sure you have plenty of PJs and comfy loungewear, not just for fun and awesome holiday card photos, but for stylish and functional comfort as well. To start, check out our matching family collections!

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